Online services I have loved and lost

Storify was super-handy for capturing widely dispersed online content into one presentation package – be it your own or from anywhere. The site is now inactive and if you didn’t capture your content before 16 May 2018 it now will “no longer render”. Translation: it’s goneburger.

‘Why the once darling social media service Storify is coming to an end.’ Cale Guthrie Weissman, Fast Company, 12 December 2017. Accessed 8 June 2018.


This Is My Jam

No you’re crying into your keyboard.

This site was the right thing at the right time for me. So fun and cool. All the content is still accessible on the site, and now playlisted on Spotify.

“Unlike a lot of other music services at the time, Jam was slow instead of fast. A reaction to real-time tickers, contextless infinite playlists, and social feeds, Jam was a place where you could only post one song at a time. It was a place where music from the past could be celebrated right next to hyped new releases. All hits, no filler”



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